Clare + Graham

Clare contacted me in a very beautiful French. When I noticed his English email, I suggested that we continue in her language.

I like to read in English, translate it and write it but to speak it, it’s another long story so I warned Clare that I understood her well but that I would be really slow to speak in English on D-day. I was so happy that it don’t bother her and that she entrusts me the photo coverage for her wedding in France.

Clare is not complicated, she describes me their intimate wedding in Provence, to the Domaine de Sarson. These emails are clear and precise, I imagined a sweet and kind future bride. I couldn’t wait to meet this mysterious Irish lady.

On D-Day I discovered elegant bride and groom. Clare is a beautiful blonde with blue eyes and very good tastes, shy in front of my DSLR like Graham, who is calm, sweet with his lady and patient with my poses in a weird English. The guests had so well respected the wedding theme “Garden party”, they were all adorable with me, so thank you so much for your trust Clare and Graham !

I hope you will like the photos as much as I love them, they are so in love and cute together.

Venue : Domaine de Sarson

Coiffure : Les ciseaux d’Amandine

Maquillage : Clare

Robe : Jesus Peiro

Stationary and invitations : Kitty Moss and Mikey Ryan design